Anticipated 2023


Seattle, WA


320 linear feet

Coming Soon

Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge

Seattle’s Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge is undergoing a partial rebuild as part of the larger Central Waterfront renovation. Reyes Engineering is providing power and lighting design services for the bridge and connected stairwells. The new lighting design will help to improve downtown waterfront aesthetics, as well as increase pedestrian safety and security for people walking on and beneath the bridge. Reyes has worked closely with the architect to carefully select power equipment and light fixtures for durability against the corrosive waterfront environment, as well as long-term ease of maintenance.

Light fixtures will include DMX color-changing LEDs with photocell programming that will automatically adjust light levels based on season and time of day, but also be easily remote controlled for special events such as sports games and holidays. When complete, the renovated bridge will connect more than 5 million foot-passengers from the Colman Ferry Terminal to the Seattle’s downtown waterfront, as well as several other existing and future transportation hubs, and enhance passenger experience when entering the city.