Corvallis, OR


41,000 square feet

Key Features:

Electrical & Security Systems Engineering

Architectural Lighting Design

Power Generation, Energy Code Compliance

Marine Geology Repository, OSU

Reyes Engineering, Inc. provided electrical and security systems engineering, as well as architectural lighting design, for the 41,000 square foot renovation to this research facility housing refrigerated storage space for marine rock and sediment samples. In this facility, thousands of geological samples from around the globe are organized, cataloged, and stored for the study of earth systems and tracking climate change. The facility includes refrigerated core storage; ice freezer storage; rock storage; sediment sample rooms; a core sampling laboratory; a rock preparation room; a core splitting room; staging area; and office and archive space.

Reyes’ services included power generation to the refrigeration and laboratory spaces, lighting design and energy code compliance, life safety systems design, and telecommunications systems design, including a state-of-the-art audiovisual cabling system which provides live-feed to research vessels from the repository while at sea.