Portland, OR


240,000 square feet


Pursuing LEED Silver

Franklin High School Modernization, PPS

Reyes provided electrical engineering and lighting design, as well as photovoltaic system design services for the modernization of the 102-year-old Franklin High School, which boasts strong college preparatory and vocational training programs. The modernization outfitted the school with a new gymnasium; a new cafeteria; a biomedical and culinary arts building; a new fine arts wing with a 500-seat theater, a black box theater, and dance and music rooms. The school’s historic auditorium was also transformed into a new media classroom building.

Pains were taken during the design process to preserve the 1917 architecture while upgrading energy-efficiency to comply with requirements for a LEED Silver campus. Reyes’ designs contributed energy-efficient LED lighting throughout, while focusing on natural daylighting whenever possible as the primary lighting source, as well as the design of a 66.5 kVA rooftop solar power system which provides building power and backfeeds power to the PG&E power grid.